Bitra Major

A game by me for the first luxe jam!


Control this flower with its two sets of rotating petals - one set destroys the incoming zeroes, one set destroys the ones. If the numbers get too close to your centre it's game over!


WASD/arrows: move (avoid 1s and 0s)

K/X: spin convex/yellow petals (destroy 1s)

J/Z: spin concave/blue petals (destroy 0s)


I've had a lot of fun being a luxe beta tester, even if I'm not very used to the game engine actually helping me out as much as luxe does. I keep reinventing the wheel! Haven't done a full game jam in ages, so I'm glad I made this work. Thanks Ruby for including me!

Install instructions

Play the game in the browser via itch or download the binary (in a ZIP) for your system. Only the Windows one is tested so far, so let me know if your OS doesn't like it.


Bitra 5 MB
Bitra 5 MB
Bitra 4 MB

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